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Mathias Fennetaux is a photographer, with
a diverse range of clients
including major companies in the board sport
industries.Twenty years
of photography devoted to board sports.

Mathias Fennetaux share his time between
commercials, advertising
and personal projects as exhibitions and editions.
Growing-up in Paris in the 80’, Mathias Fennetaux
keep on workingas a freelance photographer,
based in Biarritz, France.

He self-published an amazing book of portraits of legendaries skateboarders
of our century. An amazing collection
of skateboarder's icons,
meet and shoot in the street and remains unpublished for the only purpose of this book.

A decade of portraits shut with a single camera.It is the first book ever showing
the characters behind the sport, with no action photos.
Printed in Ilaly with a short run of 1000 copies,
this book-object is already a must have for the insiders.