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Originating from Belgium, a country with no mountains, Axel Pauport√© succeeded in less than 10 years to become one of the most respected snowboarders in the world.  He is now known and recognised not only within the industry but also by the mainstream media as one of the very best big mountain riders ever, both by the “old” snowboard generation as well as the “new” one.

Axel fell into photography naturally through his love of taking photos and a longtime passion for cameras.  As a professional snowboarder he got to travel the world and through these travels he started to shoot lots of random shots, mostly for the memories but he was soon hooked on photography and wanted to do more with his new-found hobby.  Axel learned a lot of his technique from the pro-snowboard photographer friends that were often his travelling companions.

Having never shot in a studio, Axel prefers to play with natural light instead and photographs anything that catches his eye, from people to landscapes, still life to motion.  Whilst he admires the work of famous photographers and artists, there isn’t one in particular that sticks in the forefront of his mind, preferring to take his inspiration from his everyday surroundings and a keen interest in cinematography, graphic design, music, motorbikes and architecture.

His favourite camera, “by far”, is his Hasselblad 500C/M from the 70’s.  Although his camera collection is extensive, Axel always reverts to his film camera because “nothing ever looks as good as what I shoot on film”.